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As cool as blogging is, one must still be careful to avoid the problem areas and/or people on the internet. As such, here are some guidelines to help you out.

Tips for Everyone

  • Do not assume that what you're reading is 100% true. (That blogger claiming to be a 75 year old grandmother might be a 14 year old boy - or vice versa!)
  • Never, never, NEVER give your personal information (address, phone number, etc.) out to anyone.

Tips for Teachers

  • Get permission slips from the parents before you even think of having your students in a blog.
  • Even with permission, do not identify your students by their last names.
  • Assume that whatever you post will be read by your students, coworkers, and superiors, because the one time you don't think they will, they will.
  • In the same vein, don't link to something if it's not safe for your students to see.
  • If you absolutely must rant and complain about your place of employment in a global forum like a blog (bad idea), have an alternate blog under an assumed name and don't mention ANY real names or locations. You still might get caught.

Tips for Students

  • Never, never, NEVER give out your full name or any other personal information (address, phone number, instant message screen name, etc.).
  • Plagiarism is still wrong. Don't copy more than a paragraph from anything and ALWAYS give credit and a link to the source of the information. After all, you'd like for people to link to you, right? It's only fair.
  • Don't go to meet people who talk to you online.
  • Just because someone wrote it doesn't mean it's true.
    • That cute person that wants to meet you might be a 32 year old who wants to hurt you.
    • Photographs can be faked or could be of someone else. Don't use them as proof of who someone is.
  • You are writing for a GLOBAL audience. Don't get angry when a teacher, classmate, or (oh my gosh!) parent finds and reads your blog.
  • You are also writing for a LOCAL audience. The content of your posts should always be safe for discussion in class.

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