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Blog Hosting

Blogger -
  • This is a great service (owned by Google) that allows anyone to create and customize a blog. While it's designed so anyone can get started it also has enough versatility for the truly geeky to get almost everything out of it that they want.
Blogmeister -
  • Many blogging services are turned down by schools or teachers because adults loose a certain level of control over the students. After all, bogging students have a global forum where they can say whatever they want. With Blogmeister (from the brilliant mind of David Warlick), all student postings and comments do not go "live" to the internet unless a teacher approves them.
NovemberLearning -
  • Alan November's blogging service. Used to be free for educators, but will begin charging soon. Has support for photo albums built in to it. Designed for educators, but doesn't really have any significant features tailored to using it in an educational setting (like Blogmeister)
Edublogs -
  • James Farmer's Wordpress Multiuser offering to educators. Any teacher can get a free blog there. There are several themes to choose from. It is essentially a standard Wordpress installation, which is the blog engine of choice for many edubloggers because of it's powerful features and open source code. While the name is Edublogs, there are no features tailored specifically to using it in the educational environement. James also offers for students and for university students and faculty.
LiveJournal -
  • This service sometimes has a reputation of a haven for gothic teens and twenty-somethings who do nothing but complain and write depressing poetry all day, but they have a much more robust user base than that. The free version of this service offers some limited customization features and (most importantly) a way to write posts as "private" or "friends only," preventing prying eyes from reading everything.
MySpace -
  • With more page views than Google in 2005 (statistic courtesy of KFI AM 640 out of Los Angeles, California) MySpace is often the blogging service mentioned when bloggers are shown in a negative light in the news. Originally created as a response to lagging interest in Friendster, MySpace is a site where members can share pictures, music, instant message each other, and more. MySpace is aware of the abuses of their service and is actively trying to police it's members, but with such a large amount of registered users it's growing exceedingly difficult.

Xanga -
  • Information is still needed for Xanga. Please edit.

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