Edublogging 101 is all about blogs and how they can (and do) relate to education.

Rather than saddle one person with the responsibility of maintaining this information, this entire site is what is known as a "wiki." Wikis are special websites that can be edited by anyone. (For more information on wikis you can read their definition on Wikipedia.) Some wikis are "locked down" so only registered members are allowed to make changes, but this site is open and can be edited by anyone. (That may be crazy!)

Would you like to help out? If so, then just go to the page you want to edit and click on that big button at the top that says "EDIT." You'll be able to type right on the page and there will even be a toolbar so you can format your text and even add links.

Don't worry about mistakes or immature people going in to change the pages in a bad way, every change is saved so we can always go back to the way the site used to be.

Need more information? Wikispaces.com does have a help section.